club "it dont matter"

things that dont actually matter!
Q jump
the music
wat the future holds
bookable tables / booths


Theres alot of things in this world that dont really matter n even more stuff that dont matter when it comes 2 the world of clubland!! 
club 'i.d.m' was set up 2 point this out! its about a good night n good fun, nothin more nothin less!
  • it dont matter whos runnin the night! - u cant get all butt kissy if u dont knw whos runnin it n we can get all egofied n think the night is about us just coz we runnin it!


  • it dont matter about ponsi websites! - we got a free site coz we wld rather spend the cash on good music! ..all u need is the info n thats all we gona give u! 


  • it dont matter about ponsi flyers! - again, we not gona waste money on flyers with pretty pictures n such, it only distracts from the whole point of the flyers..TO GIVE U THE INFO !! 


  •  it dont matter about who u knw! - r u fed up of all the clickyness out in clubland?..we defo r!  which is why we dont care who yr friends r n if they / u r more intrested in that kinda shit than MUSIC AND A GOOD TIME well then u just sad! ..sorry but u r!!!


in other words ..our night spks 4 itself, all u gotta do is come listen !!!